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The Prisoner has finished

After more than a week alone at home, with incipient bronchitis, and thriving on dubious pseudofood, I am back in my office.

Somehow, I am not convinced it is a good idea.

Highlights of the latest forced homestaying:

– Getting a 1 p.m. – 4 a.m. circadiam rythm

– Understanding that kebab-laced focaccia is not the great idea it seems on paper

– Hating Patrick McGoohan for the way the Prisoner finishes.

– Despite that, I simply can’t get Dem Bones out of my head.

Any new hint on the why don’t spiders rule the world?

One Comment

  1. i have one: spiders don’t rule the world because insecticide made them pointless.
    i know. i’m rude.

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