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I now understand conspiracy theorists

Conspiracy theorists -you know, the guys who simply refuse to admit that people walked on the Moon, or that climate is indeed changing- always escaped my comprehension. I never understood how can someone refuse to acknowledge the hard facts and refuge himself in a kind of common-sense-laden wool nest (by the way, “common sense” is something that makes me reach my revolver).

Tonight I suddenly, unexpectedly understood their mental processes.

I discovered, in fact, that there is not a single bridge crossing the Amazon river , and my brain simply refuses to believe it.

Not a single fucking bridge on the largest river of the world. Not one. It cannot be. It is simply impossible.

Therefore, I today join the conspiracy theory of hidden bridges on the Amazon river. Please, tell me that it’s an elaborate hoax. I simply refuse to believe that.


  1. jonsi jonsi

    at least they’re planning a mega-dam

  2. devicerandom devicerandom

    oh really? link nao.

  3. now, now. of course there IS. it’s made of marzipan and itìs very NICE.

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