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let’s welcome the new blog with a double funeral. on one hand francesco cossiga, ex-Italian politician and ex-President of the Republic, is dead. this will make a lot of my readers rejoice, but I am quite saddened by that. Cossiga was, above all, gifted by an absolutely zesty lucid madness, of a theatrical kind. also, he brought in his grave an incalculable mass of state secrets. I truly hope he left memories.

cabibbo angle

on the other hand my country has to be ashamed of itself, because with the Cossiga’s death, it basically ignored the almost simultaneous death of Nicola Cabibbo, one of the most excellent Italian physicists, who was not, inexplicably, awarded with the Nobel prize (a few years ago it was won by two physicists who put the dots on the i’s of his work -but not Cabibbo himself). here and here, a couple of memories.

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